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2004 17:37:56 +0100 (BST)
From: cheese rhino
Subject: My First Gay Experience With Myself!If you want to recieve any more erotic stories about my life, then please
feel free to email me at following story is very true and is about the first time I tried
anything that was close to homosexuality.--------------------------------------------------------------- This story is very true and is about my first gay sexual
experience. I was alone one day after school (I was 16 at the time) and was
very bored. When I get bored I usually masturbate for something to do. I
went upstairs to the bathroom as usual and got myself ready. I began to
masturbate slowly, backwards and forwards. I was the same a usual and
that's what made me think."I need something new for pleasure." I though for a while of what I could do and then remembered that my
dad kept some rubber gloves in his shed for when his was working. I quickly
ran downstairs and into the shed. I grabbed a pair of gloves and stuffed
them into my pocket. I then ran back into the house and upstairs. I was so
excitied, my penis was fully erect and I nearly ejaculated in my pants. I
saw some lube on the shelf in the bathroom which I had used often. I put on
one of the gloves on my right hand and covered my index and middle finger
with lube, along with my asshole."This is preteen lolita blog images
it I thought" I slowly circled my hole and teased it. My penis was throbbing and
was ready to explode! I inserted my middle finger slowly and the feeling I
got was great. I pushed further and harder and then put my index finger in
too. I stretched my hole till it was no longer tight. It felt so good! I
wanted more and I wanted it now so I pumped my fingers back and forth,
slowly getting fasting until before I new it I was screaming."OH GOD! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME GOOD BOY!" I motioned by body back and forth too. I'm quite a chubby guy, so
whilst I pushed my belly and man-boobs wobbled. (I didn't care that I had
man boobs, they turned me on!) Then my penis exploded all over the place,
the most I had ever fired. I nearly hit the roof. It was over, so I removed my hand and cleaned up. I will always
remember that day, as will my asshole. It was never the same again! I must
have made it atleast 3 times bigger when I was done!I hope you liked this short story and don't forget to email me if you want
anymore of my fun times.--------------------------------------------------------------Copyright to MeatyXXX 2004. Feel free to use my story, but email me if you
do use it and tell me where you're going to use it.

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